Gig event coverage

Client: Beyond equipment

What’s clients needs 1. The event- announcers, athletes, some of the activities. 2. Our booth (the whole both, our team working there, people buying stuff, people trying things on, the products, the score board for the competition) 3. Our products in general all over the event (equipment laying around, interesting backgrounds) 4. People using our products (working out, trying our food, wearing our insoles) 5. Special features of our products (they fold, they move, they can be adjusted) 6. Detail shots of products (close up on texture, or buttons, or logos) 7. Photograph our logo throughout the event. 8. Video of activity and event (especially how the equipment moves, or can fold, or people using it) 9. Videos that can be easily used as reels (a few seconds long 15-30 seconds)