Ottu Campaign

Client: Ottu

This project was hard and tricky. The main concept of this B2B brand "Ottu" was easy and hard to explain at the same time. Ottu is a finance company that provides payment solutions to business owners, by providing them with direct payment gateways. basically, from the customers bank account to the business owner bank account directly, no stops no third-part included. So, we took it the same way with the creative direction that talks about the third-party that comes between you and things you want or need. The film of this campaign, which I scripted, was built around different scenarios in which something comes in between the main character and his needs. However, the main extension of this campaign was the outdoor ads, that has the same feeling of the creative direction but with a twist. Second to that was the social media ads in which we used it to say more about what Ottu offers to business owners.