Frequently Asked Questions

At Phinests, we want your life to be easier. Whether it’s helping you get the perfect logo for your business or getting the perfect shots for your product, we aim to make the process more convenient. If you need us for any reason, we urge you to contact us at info(at) and we’ll respond at the earliest. In the meantime, here are a few questions we’ve been asked with some helpful answers.

What is Phinests?

Phinests is a digital online platform that connects you to professionals in the media and advertising industry. By using the platform, you’ll be able to schedule meetings with these professionals, start projects, transfer files and make secure payments.

How much do I have to pay to get connected to a professional?

It’s FREE.

Do I need an account to contact a vendor?

Yes, you do need an account to ensure the highest quality when working with vendors.

How can I find a professional to help me?

There are two ways to reach a professional:

  1. Select the service you’re looking for in the homepage under explore, and browse through a wide-variety of professionals.
  2. You can use Phinests’ search engine. This is particularly helpful if you have a certain professional in mind.

I found a professional I want to work with, what should I do next?

You can schedule a meeting with the professional so you can discuss the details of the project. You can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Select the professional you’d like to meet and click on the “Schedule a Meeting”.
  2. Fill in the project information and select a date & time when you’d like to meet with the professional.
  3. You will receive an email as soon as the professional responds.

The meeting was great and the professional and I agreed to work together, what’s next?

After the meeting, the professional will “start the project.” This will introduce the project page in your dashboard (located on the top bar if you are logged in), where you’ll be able to view the project’s details, transfer files, and make payments through the platform after the professional generates invoices.

How do I add myself as a Professional?

If you’re interested in joining us as a professional, please email us at "info(at)" with your full name/name of the company, contact information, and any other relevant information.

I am a freelancer/agency and I found a project with my copyrighted work (images, designs, etc...)?

At Phinests we take plagiarism and copyrighted work very seriously kindly visit the following link and follow the instructions under "Protection of Intellectual Property and Publishing Rights"